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Buyers Information

Come and grab yourself quality items at bargain prices! Don’t forget to haggle and enjoy a good bargain hunt. 

 Items you may find at our quality Children's Nearly New sales will be aimed from birth to 10 years and may include:
- Nursery and Baby Equipment
- Maternity Items
- Toys (indoor and outdoor)
- Books
- Clothes for most ages, remember, we cater for birth-10 years!
- Pushchairs
- Cots/Travel Cots, and Moses Baskets

At our Craft-Only Markets, you can find new and handcrafted products, as unique as our wonderful sellers! Find a beautiful gift for a special friend, or excellent additions for your own home, alongside much more!

Village Markets provide the perfect place to find local businesses and representatives, local crafts people and pre-loved items for any age or occasions! There are no restrictions at Village Markets, all baby and child equipment, clothes from birth to adults, toys, books, pet accessories (strictly NO live animals), home and garden goods are welcome.

Entry fee of £1.00 per adult, per event, kids go FREE!
At some markets, there are refreshments that can be purchased after a busy time shopping!

Buyers Tips

- Bring plenty of cash as this is the only accepted form of payment on the day.
- Arrive early if you wish to purchase specific items.
- Check all items before purchasing to ensure they are in a good, safe, and useable condition. THIS IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
- Be prepared to haggle!
- Toilet facilities are available.
- Toys - When buying toys check for the CE or Lion marks, showing they are approved for use in the UK
- Car Seats - We strongly advise in not buying second hand car seats, as you can never be sure they have not been involved in a crash.
- Pushchairs and Buggies - All buggies and strollers sold in the UK, including second hand, must comply with British Standard BS 7409, including:
1. Soundness of construction and stability. A built-in 5-point harness, although older models may have a 3-point harness. Brakes should function properly.
2. Manufacturer’s instruction manual must be included.
3. The pushchair must display the British Standard label and detail the year it was made
4. In addition, please ensure the wheels are in a good, safe and useable condition.
- Moses Baskets, Carrycots, Travel Cots and Cots - Before buying check there is no damage, splinters or flaking paint and is secure. It is advised to buy new mattresses for each new child.
- Playpens – again, check for splinters, flaking paint and a fully functional catch on any doors or openings.
- High Chairs – Check for rips on any fabric and check there is a 5-point harness. Check the stability of any high chair.
- Electrical Items – for health and safety reasons, the law states that all second hand electrical items must be tested properly by a competent person before being sold and must include the manufactures instruction manual.
- Live Animals – Please report the sale of live animals to a member of the Market Team. We DO NOT permit this at ANY of our markets.

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