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Stall Holders

Pre-Loved Stall Holders

Nearly New Markets
Pay for your stall, sell your outgrown QUALITY maternity, children’s clothes, toys, books, nursery items or anything child related! The main words here are QUALITY, CLEAN AND IN GOOD WORKING ORDER, essential if you want top dollar for your goods. You keep 100% of your profits! You can read our selling tips below!
Simple, fun, sold!
Nearly New Market Terms and Conditions
 Village Markets
Book a stall and sell your QUALITY pre-loved items! From the garden shed to the kitchen sink, anything goes as long as it fits on your pitch! Clean out those cupboards and earn some extra cash! Take photos of the larger items, e.g. if you really do have a garden shed, or tables, wardrobes, etc, and display the photos on your stall, along with the other items you wish to sell. Then arrange a mutually convenient time for your buyer to view your larger items! Please make sure your goods are all GOOD QUALITY, CLEAN and in GOOD WORKING ORDER! You keep 100% of your profits! 
Simple, fun, sold!
Village Markets Terms and Conditions Selling Tips

Business and Craft Stall Holders

Nearly New Markets
 If your business is family friendly, then our nearly new markets are the perfect place for you to engage with potential customers! For our specialised craft-only markets, crafts do not have to be family orientated. Book a stall at a market near you today!
Nearly New Market Terms and Conditions
Craft Markets
 Our Craft-Only Markets are the perfect place for any any all crafts people to sell their unique products! Crafts do not have to be family orientated at a craft-only market!
Craft Market Terms and Conditions
Village Markets
 If you are a local business, business representative (Avon, Jamberry etc,) or a local crafts person, our Village Markets are perfect to put you in contact with local buyers in your own area! You can sell any items or advertise any services at a Village Market!
Village Market Terms and Conditions

What's Included For The Cost Of Your Stall?

- A space, which will hold a 6FT X 2FT table (NOT PROVIDED) with a small, additional space, either side of your table, suitable for a single buggy or high chair sized item. Additional small space at the back of your stall for larger items, and a small amount of floor space at the front of your stall, approximately 2FT.

- Two chairs per table.

- Free entry for yourself and ONE helper.

- Public Liability Insurance (unless you are a business or craft stall, then you will need to produce your own insurance certificate prior to the event).

- You will be able to arrive and set up 1 hour prior to our doors being opened to the public, and you must vacate the premises 30 minutes after the doors close, taking your rubbish with you.

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